Saturday, December 30, 2006

New York Fashion print handbag is up

All are available in the store: Exotic Bags By Matthea

I saw this fabric and knew that it would be really cool, I just had to figure out what I wanted to do with it.

The style is one that I've been working on - a smaller size and the one that I came up with this evening.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Cute envelope style shoulder bag added

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I just finished a fun bag this evening - it's an envelope style purse - black linen with bright floral embroidery. Teal microsuede trims it out: double cord shoulder straps, the straps on the bangle, and the piping. The weight of the bangle keeps it closed.

Brand new style available

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In all the holiday/vacation goings on, it took me a couple of days to get this one ready, but I really think the results are worth it. It's an amazing bag! I found the same dragon print in red that I had in black, so I combined it, with side panels of the black dragon brocade, and red dragon brocade for the center panels. Black microsuede is used for the piping and lining - and there are double pockets on each side of the interior.

The bag has a magnetic snap closure, that joins through the lining fabric, rather than on the outside of the lining. The bag has a black chain shoulder strap.

Dimensions are approximately 8" wide x 6" tall x 3" deep.

Also, I have a sale on a pink handbag - it's available via the online auction - this is a chance to have one of my bags at a low starting price.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cosmetic Bags added!

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I created some cosmetic bags. I've added two to the store for now. The third is part of a gift, so if I make a new one like it, then I'll add it. These are really fun and functional. I have one that I use for myself, almost identical to the black faux suede one. It is surprisingly large, thanks to the mitered bottom, and with the vinyl lining, I don't have to worry if my eyedrops leak, or if my hand lotion comes uncapped, or as someone who received one from me in the past, her glitter eye shadow opens everywhere.

The two that I've uploaded:

This is the other, that may be available at a future time:

This is also a great demonstration of what I meant about the higher quality brocade fabric that I use, as opposed to the surface print only - you can see in the larger images, the reverse print of the brocade.

Fun new bag posted this evening!

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I just finished a new style that I was playing around with - it's a barrel shaped bag with double straps - in a deep reddish/pinkish microsuede, with a cool Asian print lining, black straps and piping. The texture is really luxurious!

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As I'm working on new designs and styles, I'll also be adding in some small, vinyl-lined cosmetic bags. I personally use one that I love - it fits into my handbag, and I don't have to worry about getting anything all over the inside of the bag.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Now offering shipping worldwide - and FREE standard shipping in the US on most items!

Now that the holiday break is upon me, I've been able to make some needed changes to the store. In addition to some changes in the look and feel of the store, I have made some policy changes:

  • Shipping is now available worldwide
  • Free shipping inside the US
  • More payment options - cashier's check or money order, in addition to paypal/credit cards through paypal
  • Items shipped within one day of cleared payment - paypal will be fastest, the other methods require that I wait until they arrive, and then clear, before I can ship
  • Returns accepted within 7 days, normal accepted rules apply.. like no running over it with a car and then sending it back :)
  • Keep in mind - unless I explicitly say that there are more than one of a specific item, when the item is sold, it's gone forever!

Shop here

New bags are being developed - look for new types, and new accessories to go along with the handbags!

New bag posted

I have a new bag up in the store - it's really a gorgeous handbag. This is a red brocade with a bird print. One thing to keep in mind about all of these brocade bags - this isn't a print that is on the surface only, this is actually woven into and embroidered on the fabric.

The new item:

Visit the store here.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Two New Shoulder Bags Listed Today

All of the bags that I make are made with fine materials - you won't find the material or these bags anywhere like Wal-Mart. With each bag, I take the time to serge edges that will ravel, I stitch each handle carefully to ensure strength and durability. There is no bag that I make that I wouldn't be willing to wear myself, or to give to someone important as a gift!

Tonight I've posted two new bags - one a really neat shoulder bag with criss-crossing straps that form zippered compartments, with a snap-closed compartment between, and the other a gorgeous hobo bag, both in sueded material. Enjoy!

Exotic Bags By Matthea

Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Bags Finished and Loaded

Sometimes, I'll have the bag and lining completed, but not sewn in yet - and I'll sit down with them in a marathon of hand sewing. So tonight, I completed 4 new ones. I absolutely love the black with the red flowers - the new one is accented with red - unfortunately I've yet to come across more of it. The blue processional fabric is one I used on a different style, the shoulder bag with hidden pockets. The metallic one is awesome, so many beautiful colors in one!

A sampling picture:

See the individual pictures, along with others available:
Exotic Bags By Matthea

Yes, but is it functional?

I've been asked this question as well - are these handbags functional? The answer is "YES!"

As much as I love handbags, I had to keep one for myself, of course. The one I'm currently using is a design I love - a rounded bag, with a short handle. The fabric is brocade, black with a silver/lavender flower print. It happens to be filled with all of my normal stuff - which pretty well fills it. It has held up great!

My bag:
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As promised, here is a picture of the bag that I'm currently using - filled with my everyday stuff (and the waterproof lined makeup bag coming soon)
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Exotic Bags By Matthea

So why so many dragons?

I've been asked "What is up with all the dragons?"

When I look at fabric, I look for what I think is really cool. One style that continues to draw me is brocade fabric in different dragon prints. Brocade tends to be shiny, and on the reverse side it either has some neat stripes of colors, or it might have the reverse print.

This is one of the first designer bags I constructed. One thing that I thought was great was the hidden pockets in the strap, and that the front of it is opened with a hidden zipper. This fabric has dragons alternating with peacocks.

After that, I thought wow, the dragon fabric is really neat, so I looked for more, and wanted more options for handbags.
Another example is this black dragon print - the dragons are all throughout the print.

Dragon print is the most fascinating of the brocades, but there are so many other beautiful patterns to chose from as well!

Don't forget to check out my store:
Exotic Bags By Matthea

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bags bags bags!

If you're looking for handbags that are unique, beautiful, and well made, you've found the right spot.

What I look for in a bag is what I make - room for the size, beautiful materials, sturdiness, and long-lasting design and manufacture. I spot the fabric that I love, then decide what I want to make of it.

Remember that pictures are wonderful, but can never do them justice.

Look for new pictures, new posts, as each bag is created!

Meanwhile, look and shop here.