Sunday, December 17, 2006

So why so many dragons?

I've been asked "What is up with all the dragons?"

When I look at fabric, I look for what I think is really cool. One style that continues to draw me is brocade fabric in different dragon prints. Brocade tends to be shiny, and on the reverse side it either has some neat stripes of colors, or it might have the reverse print.

This is one of the first designer bags I constructed. One thing that I thought was great was the hidden pockets in the strap, and that the front of it is opened with a hidden zipper. This fabric has dragons alternating with peacocks.

After that, I thought wow, the dragon fabric is really neat, so I looked for more, and wanted more options for handbags.
Another example is this black dragon print - the dragons are all throughout the print.

Dragon print is the most fascinating of the brocades, but there are so many other beautiful patterns to chose from as well!

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