Thursday, December 21, 2006

Now offering shipping worldwide - and FREE standard shipping in the US on most items!

Now that the holiday break is upon me, I've been able to make some needed changes to the store. In addition to some changes in the look and feel of the store, I have made some policy changes:

  • Shipping is now available worldwide
  • Free shipping inside the US
  • More payment options - cashier's check or money order, in addition to paypal/credit cards through paypal
  • Items shipped within one day of cleared payment - paypal will be fastest, the other methods require that I wait until they arrive, and then clear, before I can ship
  • Returns accepted within 7 days, normal accepted rules apply.. like no running over it with a car and then sending it back :)
  • Keep in mind - unless I explicitly say that there are more than one of a specific item, when the item is sold, it's gone forever!

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New bags are being developed - look for new types, and new accessories to go along with the handbags!

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