Sunday, December 24, 2006

Cosmetic Bags added!

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I created some cosmetic bags. I've added two to the store for now. The third is part of a gift, so if I make a new one like it, then I'll add it. These are really fun and functional. I have one that I use for myself, almost identical to the black faux suede one. It is surprisingly large, thanks to the mitered bottom, and with the vinyl lining, I don't have to worry if my eyedrops leak, or if my hand lotion comes uncapped, or as someone who received one from me in the past, her glitter eye shadow opens everywhere.

The two that I've uploaded:

This is the other, that may be available at a future time:

This is also a great demonstration of what I meant about the higher quality brocade fabric that I use, as opposed to the surface print only - you can see in the larger images, the reverse print of the brocade.

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